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Low noise UAM in modern cities

Unmanned air mobility (UAM) or drones can be widely applied to various scenarios such as photography, entertainment, security, logistics and delivery, civil engineering inspection, infrastructure maintenance. The high efficiency, high flexibility and low-cost properties make it promising transportation means for the modern smart cities. The development of the drone for the passengers and cargo in a city is a potential solution to reduce the traffic jam. However, the widening application of drones in populated cities can cause noise pollution. In AANTC, the drone noise properties are investigated using combined methodologies of numerical simulation, experimental analysis and theoretical analysis. The drone noise impact on the environment is evaluated, and the strategies to reduce the noise impact to are being explored for the purpose of low-noise, low-emission and high-efficiency drone applications. The target requires multi-disciplinary studies such as aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, operation research and intelligent transportations.

Simulation of unpiloted aerial vehicle.

UAM acoustic measurement.

Computational Fluid Dynamics of UAM.

Rotor noise measurement and reduction.

Rotor noise dignositic using source imaging.

Acoustic imaging on BVI.

Environmental noise impact assessment.

Investigation of the influence of UAM configuration.

Low-noise UAM routine planning.