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Research Assistant (RA) and Research Fellow (RF) in Sports-Engineering Aerodynamics

Key responsibilities can be in one or more fields below:

  • Mechanical design, assembly and commissioning of advanced sports aerodynamic test rigs and high-quality fan arrays.
  • Develop an active turbulence generator for wind tunnel testing.
  • Use 3D scan to reconstruct 3D geometry of athletes and equipment for aerodynamic analysis.
  • Use computational fluid dynamics to analyze the key flow features around athletes and equipment.
  • Develop automatic flow measurement capability in wind tunnels based on a robotic arm.
  • Circuit design and debugging for sensor systems used for sports field tests.
  • Develop mobile apps and bike computer applications for sports sensor data collection and display.
  • Develop computer vision codes to analyze the athlete's posture and equipment deformation during wind tunnel tests and field tests.

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PhDs and Research Fellowships in Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

  • Experimental aerodynamics & aeroacoustic
  • Computational aeroacoustic & aerodynamics
  • Rotor/helicopter aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Low-noise urban air mobility development
  • Aircraft noise, including airframe and engine noise
  • Aeroacoustic meta material development
  • Sports-engineering aerodynamics

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