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Ray-tracing of drone noise

The in-house ENVironmental Acoustic Ray-tracing Code (EnvARC) at the AANTC generates acoustic maps using generalized acoustic sources, generic terrain and building models with user-defined impedances, and resolves the effects of atmospheric sound absorption and refraction. The inputs consist of the noise source and environmental scenario models as well as the observer positions. The output is the noise exposure map for noise evaluation and abatement.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020

Variation of the spanwise vorticity on a pitching airfoil

The instantaneous flow pattern on a pitching airfoil is acquired by a high-speed PIV system, which can achieve the highest sampling rate of 1633Hz. This figure gives the development of the vorticity near the trailing edge during the half pitching cycle.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020

Garment design using advance CFD techniques

The studies on the garment are being conducted in the PSE group to provide the most efficient drag reduction design for athletes based on cutting-edge CFD simulations. The flow field varies among different riders due to various figures and body postures. High-resolution CFD simulations can help visualize the wall shear stress from which we can locate the exact position where separation or reattachment occurs. For each flow region, the ad-hoc design can then be applied accordingly.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020

Students of AANTC attending AIAA conference in Delft

PhD students of AANTC attended and presented at 25th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference in Delft, Netherlands. Students presented their own works and shared their research results with scholars all over the world.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020

Collaboration with HKSI on bicycle aerodynamic research

PSE team is collaborating with HKSI to help enhance elite cyclists' performance aiming at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The collaboration received a donation from Mr Adam KWOK, Executive Director of SHKP. Head cycling coach Mr SHEN Jinkang and the world champion LEE Wai-sze are also highly involved in the program and will provide professional advice on performance improvement.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020

Chairman and president of AVIC visited AANTC

The chairman and president of AVIC visited AANTC in the company of Prof. Xin Zhang and Prof. Wei Shyy. Students from AANTC gave demonstrations of their latest research works, and the academic output from the centre was highly spoken of. The cooperation between AVIC and HKUST starts from 2012 and remarkable success has been achieved especially in aerodynamic and acoustic researches.

Post by Wei Ying, on February 25, 2020