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AANTC‘s project won the "Tianhe Star" Outstanding Application Award in 2021

At the national Supercomputing Guangzhou Center 2021 Supercomputing Innovation and Application Conference held on December 3, the "Tianhe Star" Outstanding Application Award was selected after layers of selection. The purpose of the award is to promote the integration and innovation of supercomputing and new technologies, and encourage users to explore and make full use of supercomputing resources to carry out research projects with scientific, economic, social and livelihood value. In 2021, the Center for Research in Aerodynamics, Acoustics and Noise Control Technologies (AANTC) won the award for its research project "Numerical Simulation and Drag Reduction Optimization design for Single-vehicle Aerodynamics". Over the past few years, the research team has applied advanced technologies from aviation and FORMULA 1 racing to competitive sports using advanced computational fluid dynamics methods. Special, through cooperation with Olympic team, recover the real model of elite athletes, at the same time, combined with advanced sports wind tunnel test measurement, the size of wind speed, cycling posture, cycling equipment, bicycle parts, motion and so on factors to evaluate the overall size of the wind resistance and optimization, to help athletes improve performance effectively, enhance the social influence. In addition, numerical calculation also provides the flow field distribution of different body parts, which helps to optimize the design of cycling clothing. In addition, the team examined the effect of wake characteristics on aerodynamics during overtaking between competitors, providing a basis for the development of effective race measurements. For now, the research team will continue to work with professional sports teams to study the aerodynamics of high-performance sports such as cycling and windsurfing (windsurfing). The results of the research will help coaches and athletes improve their training as well as carry out basic scientific research.

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Bluff body research reveals the mechanics of surface pattern on drag reduction and sound attenuation

In cycling sports, the aerodynamic skinsuit plays a significant role as reductions of the aerodynamic drag would improve athlete's performance. Recently, the research team explored the design principles of the aerodynamic skinsuit. By conducting cylinder wind tunnel tests within the range of cycling speed based Reynolds numbers, the research team found the sports fabric with longitudinal grooves can achieve a drag reduction over 50% and a maximum noise attenuation over 15dB. The research team also linked such variations to the near-field flow measurements in different flow regimes, revealing the fluid mechanics behind them. This research enables the design of the best aerodynamic skinsuit, helping athletes to improve their performance. The work is published in the reputed fluid dynamics journal Physics of Fluids.

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Windsurfing analysis breaks down propulsion mechanics of sailboards

Windsurfers often pump their sails back and forth to gain speed, but it can also cause slowing if done incorrectly. The complicated physics of the action was tackled by our group. Recently, the research group examined the propulsive dynamics of sail pumping on sailboards and established two quantities that measure the propulsive performance of pumping sails. The work is published on the reputed fluid dynamics journal Physics of Fluids, and was selected as featured on cover. The AIP Scilight reported the progress

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CE congratulates Lee Wai-sze on winning bronze medal at Tokyo Olympics

AANTC team conducted a multi-round wind tunnel test for Hong Kong cycling athlete Lee Wai-sze, to optimize the riding posture, equipment, and clothing to help her win the bronze medal in the women's track cycling race at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, extended her greatest congratulations to her. "Lee Wai-sze is the first Hong Kong athlete who has won medals at two Olympic Games. She has demonstrated that her competence and determination have passed the test of time, and she has become a Hong Kong legend with her brilliant results. All Hong Kong people are overjoyed at her achievements. "The Hong Kong Velodrome has provided Hong Kong cycling athletes with a top-notch competition and training venue in recent years. The cycling team has also collaborated with a local university to leverage scientific research achievements to enhance the performance of athletes. The success of Lee Wai-sze and the cycling team has provided insights into the direction of sports development and training of elite athletes. We will attach more importance to the allocation of resources in these areas," Mrs Lam said. Lee Wai-sze is the first Hong Kong world champion in women's cycling competitions. As a full-time athlete since 2004, she has brought Hong Kong honour in the international sporting arena with outstanding results, including gold medals in various competitions of the Asian Games in 2010, 2014 and 2018 as well as gold medals at the world championships in 2013 and 2019.

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Sarah Lee's wind tunnel test before Tokyo Olympics

Our Performance Sports Engineering team has been collaborating with Hong Kong Sports Institute to improve the aerodynamic performance of their elite cyclists. Recently, we have done wind tunnel tests for Sarah Lee, one of the top track cyclists in Hong Kong, to prepare for Tokyo Olympics. The research activities are greatly supported by Mr. Adam Kwok, Executive Director of SHKP, through his generous donation.

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