AANTC PhD student Kwan Pui Mok won the 7th HKASMSS Student Conference Award for Best Presentation

The 7th Hong Kong Society of Sports Medicine and Science Student Academic Conference and Asian Sports Medicine Association symposium was held at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park from December 4th to 5th. Prof. Xin Zhang delivered a presentation entitled "Advances in Aero-based Performance Sports Engineering Research". As a Panel member, Dr. Zhou Peng did the Bridging the Gap Between Developers and End Users: Discussion on "The Obstacles and Opportunities". AANTC doctoral student Tom Kwan Pui Mok presented an academic report entitled "Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation for Track Cycling Strategies Development". AANTC used computational fluid dynamics to discuss the aerodynamic characteristics in the process of overtaking by single vehicle, which provided a basis for the formulation of overtaking strategy by single vehicle. The Presentation was awarded the 1st Prize of Oral Presentation -- Sports Innovations and Sports Technology. Congratulations, Tom!